URAB Meeting #2: Weigh in on Urban Renewal planning for the BCD

The City of Bend's citizen Urban Renewal Advisory Board (URAB) will meet on Tuesday to hear public comments, approve Guiding Principles, do Sub Area Visioning, and receive presentations on Urban Renewal, the Core Urban Design Analysis, and Core Area Development Feasibility Analysis. View the agenda and meeting materials here.

This meeting is part of the official process to identify needed projects for the Bend Central District and recommend whether to create an urban renewal area! So far only two public comments are officially on the record for this project.

Your voice continues to be important to the future of the BCD so please weigh in to URAB to catch them up on all of the work we have done as a community over the past several years! Send your vision for the area and obstacles to achieving it to URAB@bendoregon.gov.


URAB Meeting #2

Date: Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Time: 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Where: Salvation Army Dining Hall, 515 NE Dekalb Ave., Bend

The Core Area Project study area is inspired by previous planning efforts and includes four of the nine opportunity areas that were identified in the City of Bend's 2016 Comprehensive Plan update. These opportunity areas (locations within the City where growth would be encouraged) include the Bend Central District, KorPine, East Downtown, and Inner Highway 20/Greenwood. While the Comprehensive Plan describes the vision for each of these opportunity areas, the study area boundary also includes new sub-areas, Division and Wilson, which to date have received little planning attention.

Springfield's downtown urban renewal area focuses on improving quality of life by funding art, placemaking, and investing in small businesses and makers. The City used urban renewal funds to purchase a vacant church property in its downtown and invest $1 million to improve the structural integrity of the historic building. Now it is an active gathering space with a hub of food pods, a beer hall, an outdoor bar, and a whiskey bar. Original architecture intact, this innovative revitalization project is an ode to Springfield's past while providing immense growth opportunity for the future.