Platypus Pub Update

The landowner/developer of the Platypus Pub on Lafayette & 3rd Street has revised the proposed site plan from what was presented at a Neighborhood Meeting in spring 2018. Now the Platypus Pub building would be demolished and the proposal is to build one 7,000 sq. ft. drive-thru building and a parking lot on the corner of Third Street and NE Lafayette. The drive-thru restaurant needs a conditional use permit and the development application is not yet complete. You can learn more about the application by clicking here, following the link for “Public Viewer for Planning Permits,” and searching for PZ-18-0233.

Since many people were unable to make it to the informational meeting held by the developer due to heavy snowfall and closures, we suggest writing in to ask the city to elevate the application to a Type II Decision so that there will be a Public Hearing where the city and developer can consider more public input. Send comments to

The established Goals of the City of Bend's Bend Central District Overlay Code are:

A. Provide for a wide range of mixed residential, commercial and office uses throughout the area and, depending on the parcel and its surroundings, vertical mixed use (I.e., a mix of uses within the same building), with an emphasis on retail and entertainment uses at the street level.

B. Provide a variety of residential development types and greater density of development, with a transition area adjacent to the existing residential neighborhood east of 4th Street.

C. Provide for development that is supportive of transit by encouraging a pedestrian-friendly environment.

D. Provide development and design standards that support the goals of the Plan.

E. Limit development of low-density uses while allowing continuation of existing industrial and manufacturing uses.

F. Provide reduced parking standards and encourage alternative parking arrangements.