How the Citywide Transportation Plan Will Make or Break the Bend Central District

The City of Bend has completed Phase 1 of its Transportation System Planning (TSP) process. Download the Phase 1 Report here. As you know, transportation has a huge impact on the design and livability of our community. This planning process could make or break the viability of the community's vision for the Bend Central District.

Throughout the TSP planning process, we are supporting transportation priorities that make the Bend Central District's streets safer and more vibrant is crucial to the ultimate success of the neighborhood. Here are some example concepts:

  • Improve safety and residential compatibility of the Franklin Avenue corridor

  • Enhance the pedestrian tunnels for the Franklin, Greenwood, and Third Street underpasses

  • Add high capacity transit and mobility hubs to key N-S and E-W routes

  • Pedestrian & bicycle bridge over the Parkway and Railroad to connect East and West at Hawthorne Ave

  • Living street design on NE Hawthorne Ave and NE 1st Street

  • Build sidewalks on NE 2nd Street with safe crossings of Franklin Ave, Greenwood Ave, and Olney Ave

  • Improve railroad crossing of NE Olney Ave

  • Safer crossings of Third Street


A clear theme from the City’s TSP (Transportation System Plan) Core Area Workshop last night was community consensus around the need for better east-west connections, safer streets for pedestrians and bicyclists, and a Hawthorne Bridge over the Parkway!

Thank you to everyone who participated for helping shape Bend’s transportation future.