What is the Bend Central District?

The Bend Central District (BCD) is in the very heart of our growing city and has enormous potential to provide more housing and jobs within close proximity to existing businesses, services and activities that make up a livable community. Bend’s population is expected to increase 45% by 2035, and with fewer than one resident per acre in the BCD, there is great potential for this area to help distribute the load of future growth.

Existing Businesses

The BCD features many local businesses and essential services that make up a livable community including a grocery store, local restaurants, banks, hotels, medical offices, hardware stores, auto repair shops, a lumber yard, a distillery, and a theater.

Its northeast corner is home to The Maker’s District, a collaborative group of small business owners and artists whose work inspires our community.

Good Neighbors

The Orchard District Neighborhood Association and the Larkspur Neighborhood Association make up the Midtown neighborhoods where many people live just east of the district.

More than a decade’s worth of surveys show the existing residents’ desire for improved biking and walking routes and more residential and retail opportunities in this area.

Parks and Recreation

Less than three blocks from the BCD’s eastern boundary lies the Juniper Swim and Fitness Center, a state of the art community health center open to people of all ages and abilities that features the city’s only public pool.

Pioneer Park, which features a popular picnic pavilion with easy access to the Deschutes River and the Deschutes River Trail, lies less than three blocks away from the district’s western boundary.


The Hawthorne Transit Station links the BCD to every destination served by Cascades East Transit. It also serves a terminal for Greyhound Bus Lines and Amtrak’s Thruway Bus Service.

However, the district lacks decent pedestrian and bicycle facilities. It also needs safer connections between Midtown neighborhoods and the downtown area.

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The BCD is ready to grow into a vibrant, mixed-use neighborhood that could be a true gem at the heart of our city. The planning, zoning and basic infrastructure are already in place to set the stage for the BCD’s revitalization. Now all that’s needed for the community vision to come to life is for the City of Bend to take the lead. (Click here to find out how you can get involved.)