BCD Visionary Board

We are recruiting a diverse group of interested and engaged individuals to steward the community’s vision for the Bend Central District and advocate for its guiding principles. If you’re interested in fostering positive growth in the Bend Central District, please apply for the BCD Visionary Board. Download the Info Sheet.

The Visionary Board

  • stewards the community’s vision for the Bend Central District and advocates for its guiding principles in the City of Bend’s planning process;

  • serves as a clearinghouse and support system for the BCD Initiative and its working groups;

  • supports the BCD Initiative’s mission, vision, and goals through outreach, events, etc.;

  • ensures diversity, equity, and inclusion are an integral part of the BCD Initiative;

  • gathers information from stakeholders about problems and designs potential solutions;

  • develops anti-displacement priorities; and

  • gives input and feedback on community projects.

The Commitment

Visionary Board members will attend six meetings throughout 2019. Members will seek to learn about and advocate for the community vision of the Bend Central District. They will act as liaisons between the BCD Initiative and their respective communities, relaying information and opportunities for the wider community to get involved in and advocate for a vibrant, healthy, resilient, and safe central corridor in our community. Meetings will likely begin in March and typically be about two hours each, with the aim of meeting six times over the course of ten months. Additionally, board members will also be asked to communicate with and collect input from their respective communities and relay that information back to the Visionary Board.

Stipends are available for those in need of assistance to make participation on the BCD Visionary Board possible. 

Visionary Board Member Characteristics

  • A professional and/or personal relationship with the Bend Central District

  • Be supportive of the BCD Mission and Guiding Principles

  • A willingness to work with a diverse group of stakeholders

  • A willingness to attend most, if not all of the BCD Visionary Board meetings

  • A willingness to act as a liaison between the BCD Visionary Board and the community that you represent

  • Openness to learning, innovation, humility and embracing a human-centered design process

  • A vested interest in continuing efforts to improve the Bend Central District for the long-term

  • A personal and/or professional passion for working for positive change

  • A commitment to cross-sector collaboration

  • An ability and interest in balancing strategic thinking with active doing

How to Apply

Click here to download the application. Submit it to info@colw.org by Friday, February 22nd.

We are committed to ensuring diversity, equity, and inclusion are integral to the BCD Initiative and welcome applicants from all backgrounds, especially members of historically underrepresented communities.