What is thE BCD Initiative?

The BCD Initiative is a grassroots effort advocating for the Bend Central District’s transformation into a vibrant, healthy, and resilient mixed-use neighborhood.



  • An organic group of visionaries taking action to improve the heart of our city

  • Mostly volunteers with a few team members funded by Central Oregon LandWatch

  • Creating conversations and working on projects related to a broad range of issues that are important to the Bend Central District’s revitalization

  • Fostering a community that is inclusive of all. In all our activities, we strive for diversity of gender, age, race, ethnicity, national origin, range of abilities, sexual orientation, gender identity, financial means, education, and political perspective.

What we’re Not

  • Officially affiliated with the City of Bend in any way

  • Tearing down or building any new buildings (although some of our members might do that at some point)

  • Boring, stale, rigid, passive or ineffective

BCD Initiative Team

Moey Newbold, BCD Initiative Coordinator/Director of Urban Planning for Central Oregon LandWatch

Gabriela Peden, BCD Initiative Latino/a Community Organizer


Current Work


Streets & Placemaking

  • Project Underpass

  • TSP advocacy

  • Transit planning advocacy

  • Arts & Entertainment Think Tank

  • Bicycle Think Tank

  • Outreach to accessibility community


Catalyzing Positive Development

  • City of Bend urban renewal planning advocacy

  • BCD Code Review

  • Educating investors, developers, and landowners


Vibrant Community

  • Anti-gentrification

  • Latino/a community outreach

  • Small business outreach

  • Affordable housing


The BCD Initiative is a project of

Central Oregon LandWatch.

Central Oregon LandWatch is the only nonprofit actively defending our natural resources and community resilience through land use planning, enforcement, and advocacy.