Platypus Pub Update

The landowner/developer of the Platypus Pub on Lafayette & 3rd Street has revised the proposed site plan from what was presented at a Neighborhood Meeting in spring 2018. Now the Platypus Pub building would be demolished and the proposal is to build one 7,000 sq. ft. drive-thru building and a parking lot on the corner of Third Street and NE Lafayette. The drive-thru restaurant needs a conditional use permit and the development application is not yet complete. You can learn more about the application by clicking here, following the link for “Public Viewer for Planning Permits,” and searching for PZ-18-0233.

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What’s Shaping the Heart of Bend

As people continue to move here, the Bend Central District is our best hope for Central Oregon to grow into a place we want to keep calling home. A revitalized neighborhood in the heart of Bend will reduce pressure to sprawl, provide more housing options, and create new vibrant nodes of activity.

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Moey Newbold